My issues with those voice things

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

It would be a hell lot easier if all places didn’t have those automatic voice things that answer your calls. I would rather have someone just pick up and I tell them the issue.

I just got my computer back and I found out the issue is speakers are bad so they need to be replaced or the motherboard is going bad. I also found out my keyboard needs replacing and the mouse button. I will tell Dell all that. At least my external hard drive is working again and the CD ROM. Also the sound is not working again, huh. I have hardware warranty so I didn’t have them fix the keyboard because I can have Dell do that for free since I have warranty.

I come home and start to call Dell and I install a anti virus program and I did it with success with no viruses. It just took me straight to a website with all virus programs and I picked the one my husband has. It protects against malware and viruses.

When I call Dell, I get the voice menu again and I can’t figure out how to get to a person so I hang up and tell my husband I needed his help. He gets me the correct number to call. I call again and voice menu again and I can’t understand the terms they are using so I get frustrated. This is why I would rather take my computer in to have it fixed than going to them because of their damn voice menus. It gives me anxiety because it’s so complicated for me to understand and they make me have shut downs and then I can’t focus so I get frustrated and very short tempered. So my husband took over.

I might even need a new computer so next time warranty runs out, I won’t bother to renew it and just get a new computer the year it runs out. I think it runs out in 2017 but I am not sure.

Because I find this all difficult, I always procrastinate because it’s so hard. Also I hate talking to the automatic voice on the other end because they don’t always understand me. I once had to call and this was back when I lived in my apartment and I kept saying a letter and it kept thinking I was saying a different letter. I can’t remember who I was calling and what name I was spelling out but it was very frustrating I wanted to yell into the phone and toss it but I knew it wouldn’t do me any good because it wouldn’t fix anything. Instead I somehow got to a person and took it from there than using their voice tone.


Okay my husband got through calling Dell and they think it’s all four; motherboard, keyboard, mouse pad, and speakers. They are going to send a box out to us so all we have to do it put it in and ship it back to them. They want it at their place so they can look at it closely and take it apart. The portable mouse still doesn’t always work on the computer so at least I know it’s not the software. I thought I wasted money with the software update but my husband said I didn’t waste it, at least we know it’s not the software. Well at least i got one part of it fixed, I can use the CD ROM now and can use the external hard drive to back up my files every week. But the only problem is the darn mouse button.


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