My Ex-Boyfriend’s Karma

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

It took me eight years to realize he was a covert narcissist. When we were together, he treated me horribly. Made fun of the music I liked, my AB/DL side, called gays faggots, and told his son everything about me as a way to make fun of me and humiliate me. He also complained about how homosexuals shoved their “lifestyle” in his face. He was also controlling and he was not a good person. There is more.

Now fast forward eight years later, I look on his Facebook page. I see she is a woman now so she had transitioned. I figured that was part of the problem in our relationship, she was trans so she didn’t accept herself and it affected how she behaved. But I read her page and I see her life had not turned out good. I also look up her new name and see she is in a group on Facebook and here is the ironic thing, she is fighting for LGBT rights and wanting to be accepted but she got rejected by her own uncle and he wouldn’t give her her grandparents house like they promised back in the year 1999 because she is trans. Back when we were together, she didn’t like the homosexuality rights movement and called it shoving it in her face, here she is doing the same thing with her transgender, “shoving it in our faces” and she also claims to be bisexual and lesbian. I find this all ironic and I bet she sees now what the gay rights movement was all about and how homosexuals just can’t date other genders. Another thing, she is also suffering from Multiple Scoliosis so she can no longer work and back when we were together, she told me how being homeless should be illegal and they should all be put in jail. I told her making it illegal wouldn’t do any good and I bet homeless people would be happy to be in jail because of shelter and free food and anyone can get homeless and I explain why. She tells me I am self centered and have to be right. Here she is now homeless so she has to live with her father now. If it weren’t for him, where would she go? The streets? Also she said she is so lonely.

Looking at myself, my life turned out good, I met a great guy, got married, had two children and what does she have? No one and unemployed and no custody of her son.

My husband sometimes teases me about getting revenge on her and I tell him I don’t need my revenge, I already got it. She got karma and I got a good life. Of course she might find a way to make it not be so good if she knew. She always found a way to be negative. Sometimes I do wonder if she ever still reads my posts online or has ever came across my other blog or ever seen my Facebook. But I have never had any contact with her in eight years.


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